NSU Alumna and Founder of The Gratitude Project Featured in Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Gaia Calcaterra, founder of The Gratitude Project and MBA student, wanted to make a difference back in her homeland, Johannesburg, South Africa.  The Gratitude Project provides care and support to child headed households.  Children in rural areas were growing up in poverty, many without parents.  “Typically the child has lost both parents to HIV AIDS or Tuberculosis,” Calcaterra said.

Gaia Calceterra, M.B.A.

Calcaterra created the ‘Gratitude Project’ then made it the subject of her term paper while earning her MBA.  “Put together a six-month plan that was divided into financials and competition and demographics,” Calcaterra said.  First, they researched which group of people donates the most.  “It was actually Baby Boomers and very specifically female Baby Boomers,” she said.

“We initially started with a goal of raising $111,000 dollars and we raised an excess of $350, 000,” Calcaterra said.

Making a global impact one child at a time, Calcaterra graduated with her master’s in business over the summer. Her next goal is to build a structure across the border for care workers to provide food and medical treatment.

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