12-Week Physical Health Program for Young Adults with Autism Featured on Local 10 News

Melissa Tovin and her son, Zachary

One in fifty nine children is diagnosed with autism in America.  NSU’s Fit for Friends for Life Program aims to  increase physical activity and social interaction for participants with autism between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, while also providing a learning experience for NSU students in the health department.  “As these adults are exiting the childhood services and the school system, they’re faced with really this desert of services for their age groups” said Melissa Tovin, PT, MA, PhD, CEEAA.

Graduate students are paired up with adults with autism, and the students become the “wellness buddy.”  Throughout the 12-week program, young adults with autism are encouraged to participate in healthy physical exercises and interact with other participants and graduate students.

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Alexandra Harris