WLRN’s Sun Dial Sits Down with Curator of NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library “Alexander Hamilton: Immigrant, Patriot, Visionary” Exhibit

Alexander Hamilton: Immigrant, Patriot, Visionary Exhibit

The success of the show Hamilton has brought the life of this founding father into the public eye. A new exhibition and series of talks titled “Alexander Hamilton: Immigrant, Patriot, Visionary” at Nova Southeastern University is taking a deeper look at Hamilton’s life and work. The curator of the exhibit, Adam Levenson, and contemporary painter David Wells Roth joined Sundial to share what visitors can expect to see and learn.

The exhibit will feature  a legal text owned and repeatedly cited by Alexander Hamilton beginning  in 1775 with his Farmer Refutedessays. This extremely rare book, which has never been displayed outside of New York, contains Hamilton’s notes and marginalia that can be traced to the historic case of Rutgers v. Waddington. The exhibit will also features three of Hamilton’s Camillus essays, which are akin to the Federalist Papers of foreign policy.  The exhibit will also consist of an exhibit of six panels which examines Hamilton’s central role during the Revolutionary War and Founding period in creating the economic, constitutional, social, journalistic, political, and foreign policy templates for modern America.

The exhibit will take place at Cotilla Gallery through April 15th.  For more information about the exhibit click here.

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