Parkland Shooting: Lawmakers Respond

After the recent shooting at a local school in Parkland, Florida Governor Rick Scott and state lawmakers have laid out their plans for gun control, improving school safety and access to mental health services in the wake of the tragic shooting in Parkland.

Areto Imoukhuede, J.D

In a recent interview with Your South Florida PBS, Areto Imoukhuede, J.D., professor of law, NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law, discussed the impact these policy changes could have and how they play into the larger conversation of gun violence in America. “We should be careful when it comes to safety concerns and not lose sight of some of the core issues that play here, one of those is the ongoing gun violence we have in this country that has now come home to us,” said professor Imoukhuede.

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Michael Mckenzie