NSU Professor Discusses Why Senator Bill Nelson’s Chances of Winning Reelection are Slim

Charles Zelden, Ph.D.

Charles Zelden, Ph.D., a professor of history and political science in NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences recently spoke about why Senator Bill Nelson’s chances of winning the reelection are slim.

Dr. Zelden said that in order for Sen. Bill Nelson to win, everything has to go his way. Any one small glitch can be enough to keep him from winning. Nelson has less than a week to win, or to at least buy more time, and Dr. Zelden compared Nelson’s chances to a card game. He likened Nelson’s chances to a player in a card game betting all his chips on a specific card being pulled from the deck. He said how Nelson is literally depending on it the be the queen of hearts, and anything else, he looses.

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