NSU Cybersecurity Expert Featured in Local Story on Smart Device Security

When it Comes to Cybersecurity, It’s All About the Layers


Dr. Yair Levy

They are all around us – smart devices. From your doorbell to your cell phone to even a camera and speaker that lets you talk to your furry friends remotely. There’s no debate that these technological devices has made things possible that weren’t even dreamed of a generation or two ago.

But, to paraphrase a line from a famous comic book: With Great Advances Comes Great Responsibility. And in this case, the responsibility lies with us, the user.

Recently WPLG Ch. 10 Miami featured NSU cybersecurity exert Dr. Yair Levy who talked about how consumers can protect themselves from having these items “hacked” and allowing unwanted characters to infiltrate our homes, bank accounts and more.


You can see the WPLG story HERE.

Joe Donzelli