NSU Professor Featured on Point2 Homes

Fred Forgey, Ph.D., the Chair of Public Administration and Real Estate Department and NSU Professor in the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, was recently featured on Point2 Homes to discuss skyscrapers that are under construction in Toronto currently and in the future.

Fred Forgey, Ph.D. Chair of Public Administration and Real Estate Department

Dr. Forgey was asked if vertical sprawl, horizontal sprawl outside the city, or developing the missing middle housing was the optimum expansion path for cities with expanding populations like Toronto.

“The challenge that local governments have when faced with an expanding population is determining the optimal approach to manage that growth. While increased density seems efficient, the extra burden of increasing infrastructure capacity could become problematic. In other words, a city might be required to increase the capacity of water, natural gas, and sewer lines, along with handling additional demand for electrical power and increased vehicular traffic on the streets.

Assuming those issues have received proper planning for expansion, then higher density development could be ideal. New greenfield development has the appeal of being able to start fresh with modern infrastructure at the beginning of new real estate development activity. However, having to expand the infrastructure has costs that may be recouped through development impact fees.

As for developing the missing middle housing, as with the other types of expansion, sufficient infrastructure capacity is key.”


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